Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of JULY!

We started off at the Kaysville parade, what other parade could there be? I love going to it every year and watching all the people show up with their water gear. We had fun and then we went to Layton Park and had lunch and walked around. Later that afternoon we went to my parent's for the BBQ and fireworks. We had so much fun. The fourth is really one of my top two holidays. I love the atmosphere and I love that for one day everyone really appreciates the sacrifices of the soldiers and veterans. I got a little carried away with the camera, but I will try to limit the number I put on here.

First things first Parade pics:

BBQ pics next:


We had a good time at Disneyland. The kids absolutely loved it! I totally forgot that I hadn't done a post on it yet. So here are some pics.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Help Wanted!!

So remember that adorable dollhouse that I bought for Enza for her birthday? Oh well the help wanted is because there are a million pieces and I have two glued together. I can't figure out where piece 3 fits. I usually can handle anything crafty, but alas I have been majorly stumped. Just a little vent here, because although there have been fleeting thoughts missing the man around here. This is truly the first time that it actually is a need. I need a leftminded man to help me make logical sense of these building plans. So if any of you ladies out there want to come join me for a GNO to build a 3 1/2 foot tall dollhouse please let me know. I will provide plenty of caffiene and treats. HHHHHEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!